About Us

Since founding Mulroy Mill our small team have been immersed in rediscovering the heritage of weaving in Donegal, working with local partners to curate a range of woolen accessories that will wrap you and your family in color and comfort.

Growing up in Donegal, Ireland where there is a long tradition of spinning and weaving, we took the quality and longevity of products for granted. Over the years we noticed an increase in man made fibres being added to textiles to reduce price but also the quality. We’re invested in ensuring that each piece can be an heirloom, a piece with the ability to invoke nostalgia in years to come.

The range we have put together is a modern twist on Donegal tweed. We also wanted to provide an option for every generation of the family that would make a wonderful gift. If you are looking for something bold or something neutral, we believe each piece will look at home whether you live in a cottage, townhouse or loft. The classic heather, and salt and pepper colors are as popular as ever while you can find a Scandinavian aesthetic through the brighter, solid colors. We are excited to see what you choose!